The Quest for Organizational Utopia

I have a problem. I’m addicted to organizational items like; Rubbermaid containers, boxes, totes, baskets, buckets and jars. I also have an extreme fondness for office supplies. My addictions aren’t my problem though…My problem is disorganization.

To the untrained eye I appear to be organized. I like symmetry and order. I like things to have ‘a place’ and expect things to be in their ‘place’. Colleagues who walk into my classroom or office are often marveled at my uncluttered shelves, colour coded baskets, matchy-matchy accents and labels on everything. What they don’t know is, although it looks like I’m organized and efficient, I’m never content with the arrangement or ‘order’ of things. I’m constantly shuffling, moving, rearranging, and re-organizing.

My my need for order lives at home as well. I find comfort in the predictable and  organized. I prefer to be in rooms which are clutter and nique naque free. I avoid rooms which are unkept and messy because I truly feel anxious when I’m in them. So, I avoid those rooms. I avoid anything that makes me feel overwhelmed.

Organized space brings me a sense of peace and balance. Disorganized and cluttered spaces elevate anxiety and frustration within me. I feel the need to do one of two things within a disorganized space; run away from it or organize it. Lately I default to avoidance and frustration which doesn’t solve the problem but only exasperates it. So maybe today I’ll reorganize something… I wonder if I have enough matchy-matchy baskets, totes, buckets, jars and labels?


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