Just Do Your Job

Our perception of others and their circumstances is often very narrow and foggy. We often make quick ‘snapshot’ views and judgements based on our narrow and often cloudy perception of others. I’ve come to learn I often infer, formulate theories and draw conclusions about people and their circumstances based on my perception of the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Today’s scripture reminds me of how narrow and subjective our humanly perception is in comparison to God’s broad, objective view is. God warns us not to judge one another because we don’t have His expansive and perfect insight into all the variables and factors which effect the lives of others around us. It is not our job to judge one another. Our job is simply to be kind and compassionate towards each other. We must be kind and compassionate to each other even when we don’t see the ‘big picture’. In fact, we don’t need to see the ‘big picture’, that’s God’s job. We are to support one another along our journey.


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